Saturday, April 19, 2014
Where is our Money? #20BillionDollars RSVP - Register Select Vote Protect ReVoDa is a mobile phone application that turns citizens into election observers lets you follow the activities of elected officials, connect with them and share your concerns. EnoughisEnough Nigeria (EiE) is a coalition of individuals and youth-led organizations committed to instituting a culture of good governance and public accountability

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An information-driven advocacy project to increase awareness and promote transparency in Nigeria’s oil sector.

State of the Nation

Read the latest view on the state of the Nation.

Our Nigeria; Our Future

Series of conversations around the idea of a national dialogue driven by young Nigerians.
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Fuel Subsidy Savings

Money 'saved' on Fuel Subsidy Removal as of April 18, 2014: N962.8 billion (approx. $6.017 billion)
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  • Relieve the Minister of Interior (Comrade Abba Moro) and the Controller-General of Immigration (David S. Parradang) of their positions.